The Woodford Wind Energy Project

Panther Grove Wind Energy Facility

Revenue for Woodford County


Panther Grove Wind Energy Facility

Income for Landowners


Panther Grove Wind Energy Facility

Clean Renewable Wind Energy




The Panther Grove Wind Energy Facility located in Woodford County, Illinois, is a clean, domestically generated renewable energy project with up to 400 megawatts capacity. With the addition of Panther Grove, the local region has the unique opportunity to make community improvements both environmentally and economically.

Panther Grove is being developed and managed by premiere renewable energy developer, Tri Global Energy (TGE), a top-five wind energy developer in the United States with over 4,200 MW of wind projects in operation, construction or under development. The project owner is Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in the world with over $11.7 billion invested in various energy projects across the world including offshore wind, onshore wind, offshore power transmission, onshore power transmission, hydro, biomass and waste to energy and solar PV projects.


Panther Grove Wind Energy Facility offers economic development through community investment.  Located near El Paso, Illinois in Woodford County, the wind energy project integrates agricultural land use and clean wind energy through partnerships developed between landowners and Panther Grove.


Wind projects are only possible through the involvement and support of landowners who choose to engage and participate in wind project development. Every year, farmers across the U.S. who lease their land to host wind turbines are paid over a quarter billion dollars in lease payments.


Wind power is clean, renewable energy.  For the local communities that host wind energy projects, there are both economic and environmental benefits.


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